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Mark your calendars for another great conference November 15 and 16 in Amsterdam!
The first DO iOS 2015 was a huge success. So we're bringing it back for 2016, with an exciting, new line-up of the most well-known international iOS Gurus.

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Conference for developers

Learn about the latest advancements in Apple technologies.

In-Depth experience

Immerse yourself in fantastic sessions about iOS, Swift and the latest frameworks.

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Get insight into best practices to create 5-star apps.



Conference Day 15th November

Thinking in Swift 3 by Jorge Ortiz

University Day 16th November

In addition to the main DO iOS Conference Day, we’ll host a DO iOS University Day where Jorge Ortiz will explain more about the Patterns of Programming in Swift.

Who's it for?

This course is for programmers who know the fundamentals of the Swift Programming Language but haven't mastered the paradigms.

What you'll learn

This fast-paced workshop shows you how to take advantage of Swift features to write more robust code that is easier to reason about. Swift has been changing quickly over the past year. In this workshop you'll learn to embrace the latest Swift 3 conventions.

One of the strengths of Swift is that it can borrow the best from a multitude of paradigms. Swift stresses protocol oriented programming. We'll look at how to successfully use it and weave it together with OO and functional code into a readable and flexible architecture.

We assume that you are an experienced programmer who has spent some time looking at Swift but you aren't yet an expert in Swift. You understand most of the hows and whats of working with Swift and are looking for the whys and wheres.

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In addition to the main DO iOS Conference Day, we’ll host a DO iOS University Day when leading experts will explain the latest tech, step by step. (limited availability)

Last year developers absolutely loved DO iOS. You can watch the aftermovie or check out the link below to watch past presentations. And DO iOS 2016 promises to be even better!

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