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November 2nd, 2018.

Full day conference.

November 1st, 2018.

Full day training day by Daniel Steinberg.

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Jeroen Leenarts


Tom Lokhorst

Tom Lokhorst spends his time writing apps at Q42, working on apps like Rijksmuseum, PostNL and 9292. He is very excited about the new things Apple has to offer for us developers. Especially this years “sneak peek” at WWDC caught Toms attention.

In this talk we’ll take a closer look at UIKit on the Mac and explore the possibilities of a new platform opening up to us iOS developers. Afterwards you’ll have a starting point to play around with Marzipan and know how to avoid some of the pitfalls Tom experienced while trying to run some of the existing apps from Q42.


Bas Broek

Our speaker Bas Broek is an interesting one. Co-author of the SwiftWeekly newsletter. Developing iOS apps since 2014. You could have met him at one of the CocoaHeadsNL Meetups, or a try! Swift conference here or there.

In this talk Bas will look at how documenting your APIs can help anyone interacting with it have a more pleasant time and smoother experience for every user of your framework (including your future self). All that while writing better, more maintainable code, with fewer bugs and better testability in the process.



In the mobile department of ABN AMRO we feel the need of frequent releases to quickly react to our customers’ needs.

In 2017 we started a journey to accelerate our release cycle without compromising on quality. In this talk we will focus on interesting areas that we believe are slightly less common in the industry and that are part of our ongoing journey.


Time to recover, recharge and get ready for the afternoon.


Alexander Griekspoor

Agenda is Dutch, made by Alexander Griekspoor, Drew McCormack and Marcello Luppi, three former scientists with a long history of making indie apps. Alex previously made a successful app for researchers called Papers, which he eventually sold to a scientific publisher. Back in 2013 he talked about what made him decide to give up his life as an indie developer at NSConference. In this talk he picks up the story where he previously left off, telling how after a 3 year corporate stint, he felt it was time to start anew and return to something small and more hands-on creative again. How this eventually led to the idea for Agenda app and the bumpy road to his fourth Apple Design Award.


Eduard Ockerse

Eduard Ockerse will provide a talk for our platinum sponsor Achmea. Eduard has been an iOS developer for over 4 years, starting as a freelance developer in Málaga for small local companies.

The last three years he has worked on various large projects for clients in the financial industry, a telco and Smartify, which has been highlighted by Apple and has won multiple awards. Currently Eduard is spending his time on the Centraal Beheer app.


Almost made it, time for a coffee or a soda.


Daniel Steinberg

Daniel Steinberg has spent the last three decades working as a professional Swift developer. OK, he hasn't. But he's really enjoying the Swift Programming Language. He has written apps for the iPhone and the iPad since the SDKs first appeared and has written programs for the Mac all the way back to System 7. You can find him at Dim Sum Thinking.


David Broza

David Broza is a mobile developer with experience from various industries like B2B sales, banking and travel. David will deliver talk on building maintainable mobile apps in agile environments."

At the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB it is our mission to make it possible for everyone to be on-the-go, while having fun and without worries.

ANWB offers a wide range of services to our more than 4,5 million members. Services in the areas of mobility, recreation and tourism.

We design, test and develop our mobile apps in house with our dedicated team of more than 25 people. Together we strive to create great apps that will make people want to become and remain ANWB members.


Jeroen Leenarts


Drinks are on us. But do collect your beverage coins with us.

University day

Get the most from functional programming in Swift

by Daniel Steinberg

Doors open at 8:00

Training from 8:30 until 16:00

Boven C
Wibautstraat 125
1091 GL Amsterdam

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Drinks afterwards.

In addition to the main DO iOS Conference Day, we’ll host a DO iOS University Day with Daniel Steinberg will explain more about the Patterns of Functional Programming in Swift.

There is more to functional programming than map(), filter(), and reduce(). At the end of this day, you'll look at programming in Swift differently. There’s the “how do we use this in real life in real apps with a team that isn’t all-in on functional programming.”

What you'll learn

In this one day workshop we will build components that have a functional core. The value types that sit at the center of our examples will have properties that store closures as their only state. We’ll use combinators to give these special objects the power and APIs that object-oriented programmers expect. Our examples will include Sets, Random Number Generators (disguised in a State monad), Parser Combinators (briefly), and Henderson’s Picture Language.

We assume that you are an experienced programmer who has spent some time working with Swift.

What you need

You need a Mac running an up to date install of MacOS and Xcode.